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INSIGHTS : 3 Dec, 2018

Top Announcements and Trends at AWS Re:Invent 2018

AWS announced literally hundreds of new service updates last week at AWS re:Invent 2018. But which AWS re:Invent announcements will have the greatest impact for.


INSIGHTS : 7 Dec, 2017

6 Exciting New Services From AWS Re:Invent 2017

It’s been another incredible week at AWS Re:Invent. Long gone are the days when the most exciting new service they announced was a new instance.


INSIGHTS : 21 Nov, 2017

Logicworks Discusses $1 Trillion Amazon Valuation on CRN

In recent article on CRN, As Amazon Approaches $1 Trillion Market Cap, Solution Providers Place Their Bets, Logicworks’ Marilyn Daly is featured discussing the growth.


INSIGHTS : 6 Apr, 2017

6 New AWS Products Launched in 2017

Image Source: AWS If you’re an AWS enthusiast like us, you are excited whenever Amazon releases a new product or updates an existing service. So.


INSIGHTS : 19 Dec, 2016

2016: Another Great Year for AWS Customers and Partners

Five years ago, we faced a choice: continue to compete with Amazon, or become an Amazon cloud partner. Like many IT services companies, we found.


INSIGHTS : 1 Dec, 2016

New Services Announced at AWS re:Invent 2016

Our engineers have gone to AWS re:Invent for many years now — but this year felt different. People in our industry have always paid attention.


INSIGHTS : 10 Aug, 2016

How Amazon is Disrupting a $34B Database Market

When Amazon launched Aurora in 2014, it was presented as a clear challenge to giants in the $34 billion database market. Today it is Amazon’s.


INSIGHTS : 4 May, 2016

Why I Quit My Job to Work with AWS Cloud

The following is part of Logicworks’ Engineer Spotlight series on the amazing engineers and technical staff that make the work we do possible. To talk.


INSIGHTS : 17 Dec, 2015

What Will 2016 Bring for the Cloud?

Featured in BetaNews As we head into 2016, the cloud conversation is maturing and evolving. Enterprise cloud adoption is on the rise, accompanied by best.


INSIGHTS : 12 Nov, 2015

New AWS Region to Further Cloud Adoption in UK

With the steady rise of AWS adoption in the UK, it should come as no surprise that AWS will be adding a new UK region.