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Cloud Operations
17 Apr, 2015
Managed Cloud: You Need More than Great Customer Service
When start-ups and enterprises first evaluate cloud providers, they often choose an out of the box solution that fits their immediate needs. Their hosting provider.
Cloud Operations
27 Feb, 2015
Top 3 CIO Challenges in 2015: Security, Downtime and Talent
What are the top CIO challenges in 2015? According to a survey reported yesterday on CIO.com, security, downtime, and staffing top the list of workplace.
Cloud Operations
23 Sep, 2014
Cloud Managed Services: Fusing Expertise & AWS Power
Those who implement cloud computing in general, and AWS in particular, are often confused by the role that managed services providers play.  Cost and simplicity are driving.
Cloud Operations
16 Sep, 2014
Understanding the Limits of AWS
By default, Amazon Web Services, AWS, does not allow you to take all the resources you need.  Indeed, there are hard and soft limits that.
Cloud Operations
6 Aug, 2014
The New Role for the Private Cloud. It’s Not What You Think.
Private cloud was popular in the early days of cloud computing when enterprises struggled with security and control issues.  These days, public cloud dominates, as revealed.
Cloud Operations
2 Jul, 2014
The Mashup of Mobile and Managed Service Providers
According to IDC, the mobile device onslaught will continue in 2014 with sales of tablets growing by 18% and smartphones by 12%. The Android community,.
Cloud Operations
24 Jun, 2014
The Next Generation of Cloud Managed Service Providers
The managed services space is rapidly changing.  The largest drivers of this change include the need to adapt to public cloud-based platforms, the use of.