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Cloud Operations
16 Mar, 2016
Treat Your Cloud Like a Piece of Software
Featured in The WHIR You cannot get the full benefits of infrastructure-as-code just by lifting and shifting a few workloads into the cloud. You must.
Cloud Operations
9 Feb, 2016
Incident Response on AWS: Outsourcing Cloud Services
It is 4PM on a Friday before a holiday, right before your team leaves for a long weekend. An engineer on your team suddenly cannot.
Cloud Operations
4 Feb, 2016
Company Culture is Key to Cloud Success
If you ask any successful company for the key to their success, or ask any employee why they are happy in a position, the answer.
Cloud Operations
29 Jan, 2016
The Unexpected Rise of the (Managed) Datacenter
For the last five years, industry analysts have predicted that cloud will kill the datacenter. So why are colocation revenues continuing to climb at about.
Cloud Operations
20 Jan, 2016
6 Things to Look for in a Cloud MSP
Companies that migrate to the cloud usually look to a partner for help. While these companies typically start to their partner search with the usual.
Cloud Operations
16 Dec, 2015
The Cloud Does Not Just “Work”
Everyone knows that migrating workloads to the cloud is challenging. But many assume that after you get to the cloud, all you have to worry.
Cloud Operations
2 Dec, 2015
How to Keep Projects on Track in Turbulent DevOps Job Market
It is no secret that it is difficult to recruit and retain IT talent. Millennial disloyalty, boredom, stressful workplaces, and the ubiquitous advice that job-switching.
Cloud Operations
27 Oct, 2015
UK CIOs Dissatisfied With Cloud Providers
After speaking with hundreds of UK technology leaders about cloud adoption, it is clear that cloud technology is transforming business models and improving cost-efficiency in.
Cloud Operations
20 Oct, 2015
How to Differentiate Your Healthcare Business Via Software
Featured in Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review As healthcare dollars continue to move away from costly backend systems and towards patient-centered value, IT budgets.
Cloud Operations
21 Aug, 2015
Why Cloud MSPs Are Software Companies
When your infrastructure is code, the art of developing great software applications and building great infrastructure systems start to look similar. Many of the best.