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22 May, 2019
48% of IT Teams Don’t Spend Enough Time on Security
by Jessica Cowle Engineers know that security is important, yet nearly half (48%) don’t have enough time to spend on security, according to a new.
30 Apr, 2019
[Webinar] Automating AWS with the Latest IaC Tools
If you’ve used AWS in the past, you know how simple it is to get started: provide some basic information, create your account, access that.
12 Mar, 2019
How to Get Self-Service Infrastructure (& Stay HIPAA Compliant)
We all know that a gap remains between what companies want to get out of DevOps and the day-to-day realities of working on an IT.
11 Mar, 2019
8 Signs You’re a Great DevOps Engineer
By Steven Marchesani Sr. DevOps Engineer, Logicworks Developers and systems engineers often ask me, “How do I become a DevOps engineer?” or “How do I.
26 Nov, 2018
So Many DevOps Tools, So Little Time
We all receive thousands of emails, ads and sales pitches for tools for every stage of the app life cycle, from automating infrastructure buildout to.
6 Jun, 2018
How to Build Resilient, Scalable AWS Deployments in 3 Steps
Every public cloud service is susceptible to outages. It is possible to design fail-over systems on AWS with lower fixed costs than an on-premises DR.
2 May, 2018
Event: AWS ECS vs. Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm
Docker orchestration tools and serverless are getting a lot of hype — but what’s the best tool for your application, and how do you actually.
26 Apr, 2018
Building a Compliant Containerized AWS Environment
Is it possible to use containers and maintain PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRAMP, or other compliance requirements? This is the question that CTO Jason McKay answers.
25 Mar, 2018
Docker Orchestration Tools: A Comparison
This article originally appeared on Network Computing. To get the full benefit of Docker containers, you need software to move containers around in response to.
13 Mar, 2018
How to Manage AWS EBS Volumes with Puppet, Chef, Ansible
by Adrian Mlodzianowski, Sr. Systems Engineer, Logicworks In the new family of AWS instances (the C5 and M5), EBS volumes are exposed as NVMe block.