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INSIGHTS : 14 Nov, 2015

4 Questions to Ask Before Dockerizing Your Applications

Featured in VentureBeat If you have monolithic applications and want to improve application agility, how do you determine if Docker is the answer? Do the.


INSIGHTS : 23 Oct, 2015

Docker: Love it or Leave it?

Featured in NetworkComputing Docker is taking the IT world by storm. Before enterprises add it to their 2016 roadmaps there are a few things they.


INSIGHTS : 10 Sep, 2015

Docker Deployment Can Work Wonders for Test and Dev

Featured in TechTarget’s SearchAWS Test and dev environments are often one of the first test cases for AWS deployment, and may also be the most.


AWS Docker

INSIGHTS : 4 Sep, 2015

How Companies Will Actually Use Docker

  This article originally appeared on VentureBeat: How companies will actually use Docker Enterprises want Docker. It’s on many 2016 roadmaps and has become the.


AWS Containers

INSIGHTS : 1 Jul, 2015

Why Enterprises Need Containers and Docker

At DockerCon 2015 last week, it was very clear that Docker is poised to transform enterprise IT. While it traditionally takes years for a software.


INSIGHTS : 21 May, 2015

Cloud Orchestration vs. Cloud Automation

What are the differences between cloud orchestration tools and cloud automation tools? An exploration of these two terms is more than a vocabulary exercise; it.


INSIGHTS : 7 May, 2015

Are Your Deployments Working? Simian Army on AWS

Can your infrastructure withstand the failure of an entire datacenter? How about three? Traditional IT is dedicated to perfecting and protecting critical infrastructure, and control.


INSIGHTS : 15 Apr, 2015

AWS and Puppet: DevOps Best Practices

While it is possible to deploy a highly available Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment without configuration management tools like Puppet, doing so significantly increases the.


INSIGHTS : 11 Mar, 2015

ArchOps vs. DevOps: Foundation and Automation 

Good order is the foundation of all things. – Edmund Burke The benefits of DevOps are widely known: seventy percent (70%) of senior IT leaders.