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Event: AWS ECS vs. Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm

Docker orchestration tools and serverless are getting a lot of hype — but what’s the best tool for your application, and how do you actually deploy them on AWS?

In a half-day workshop on 5/16 in Boston and 5/17 in NYC, you will learn the differences and use-cases for serverless, AWS ECS, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or traditional AWS EC2 deployments from a Sr. Engineer who has built hundreds of environments for large companies on AWS.

  • Understand when to use Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes vs. AWS ECS
  • Get an overview of AWS ECS, EKS, Lambda, and other services
  • Ask detailed questions from an engineer that has actually launched all three solutions into production

Speaker: Phil Christensen, Sr. AWS Solutions Architect
Technical Level: Intermediate
Cost: Free, Includes free breakfast and lunch


Date: Wednesday, May 16
Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Location: AWS Offices, 27 Melcher St. Boston, MA 02210


New York City

Date: Thursday, May 17
Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Location: AWS Offices, 7 W 34th Street, NYC 10001


See you at the workshop!