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9 Mar, 2016
The #1 AWS Cloud Security Tool for Retailers and eCommerce
More money will be spent on cybersecurity in 2016 than ever before. But where will the money be spent? What are CSOs and CTOs most.
24 Feb, 2016
How Secure is AWS Cloud for Retailers and eCommerce?
In recent years, many retailers and eCommerce giants migrated major projects to Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Nordstrom, instacart, Time Inc., and Ticketmaster. In a.
Cloud Migration
12 Feb, 2016
Omnichannel Retail, Cloud, and the Problem of Legacy IT
Technology is increasingly driving customer purchasing behaviors, and retailers are tasked with providing customers more IT driven experiences in order to convert: personalized offers, end-to-end.
Cloud Operations
9 Feb, 2016
Incident Response on AWS: Outsourcing Cloud Services
It is 4PM on a Friday before a holiday, right before your team leaves for a long weekend. An engineer on your team suddenly cannot.
Cloud Operations
4 Feb, 2016
Company Culture is Key to Cloud Success
If you ask any successful company for the key to their success, or ask any employee why they are happy in a position, the answer.
Cloud Operations
29 Jan, 2016
The Unexpected Rise of the (Managed) Datacenter
For the last five years, industry analysts have predicted that cloud will kill the datacenter. So why are colocation revenues continuing to climb at about.
Cloud Operations
20 Jan, 2016
6 Things to Look for in a Cloud MSP
Companies that migrate to the cloud usually look to a partner for help. While these companies typically start to their partner search with the usual.
19 Jan, 2016
Logicworks Dissects Docker Destiny
Featured in Container Journal Container Journal examines Logicworks views on the future of Docker and practical Docker utility in the enterprise. Read Logicworks Container Journal.
Cloud Optimization
12 Jan, 2016
How to Track AWS Costs with Tagging
Agility is arguably the most significant gain companies can derive from moving infrastructure to AWS. From a business perspective this means being able to make.
Cloud Migration
12 Jan, 2016
Why the Cloud Cures M&A IT Integration Headaches
Featured in NetworkComputing Integrating IT systems and transferring data are tough tasks after a merger or acquisition, but companies can use the public cloud to.