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Cloud Operations
2 Dec, 2015
IT Turnover: How to Keep Projects On Track in Turbulent Job Market
It is no secret that it is difficult to recruit and retain IT talent. Millennial disloyalty, boredom, stressful workplaces, and the ubiquitous advice that job-switching.
Cloud Operations
27 Oct, 2015
UK CIOs Dissatisfied With Cloud Providers
After speaking with hundreds of UK technology leaders about cloud adoption, it is clear that cloud technology is transforming business models and improving cost-efficiency in.
Cloud Operations
20 Oct, 2015
Differentiate Your Business Via Software, Not Hardware
Featured in Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review As healthcare dollars continue to move away from costly backend systems and towards patient-centered value, IT budgets.
Cloud Operations
21 Aug, 2015
Why Cloud MSPs Are Software Companies
When your infrastructure is code, the art of developing great software applications and building great infrastructure systems start to look similar. Many of the best.
Cloud Operations
12 Aug, 2015
Cloud Projects Need a Strong PMO
Featured in CloudTweaks Cloud projects are enormously complex, often involving people from all departments and all levels of an organization. Project managers are critical in.
Cloud Operations
4 Jun, 2015
Cloud Management Tools Lag Behind, Gartner Reports
While IaaS platforms have reached maturity, the tools that manage and monitor public cloud deployments are lagging behind, according to Gartner Research Director Mindy Cancila..
Cloud Operations
14 May, 2015
3 Key Issues in Managing Hybrid Clouds for Legacy Applications
Hybrid clouds often present a significant challenge to enterprise IT teams. This is not because the technology is inherently difficult, but because the integration between.
Cloud Operations
5 May, 2015
Managing Hybrid Clouds: What Team Do IT Leaders Need?
As most enterprise IT leaders know, transitioning IT staff to a cloud-based service delivery model is often more challenging than transitioning the infrastructure itself. A.
Cloud Operations
17 Apr, 2015
Your Cloud Needs More than Great Customer Service
When start-ups and enterprises first evaluate cloud providers, they often choose an out of the box solution that fits their immediate needs. Their hosting provider.
Cloud Operations
27 Feb, 2015
Top 3 CIO Challenges in 2015: Security, Downtime and Talent
What are the top CIO challenges in 2015? According to a survey reported yesterday on CIO.com, security, downtime, and staffing top the list of workplace.