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Financial Services
16 Oct, 2018
Financial Services Co. Transforms their Cloud with AWS Well-Architected Review
Every IT project accrues technical debt. Even the best engineering teams sometimes take shortcuts, resulting in waste and complexity. As the end of the year.
Financial Services
5 Sep, 2018
Case Study: Cardknox Chooses Logicworks to Launch PCI Compliant AWS Cloud
Download a PDF of the Cardknox Case Study here. Chip-enabled card (EMV) payments are now the standard transaction model across the country. Cardknox, a developer-friendly.
Financial Services
26 Jan, 2018
The Next Generation of Machine Learning Tools for Financial Services
“Machine learning is so tantalizing for most every day developers and scientists. Still, there are a lot of constraints for builders….How do we turn machine.
Financial Services
22 Dec, 2017
Case Study: Fiduciary Technology Partners Chooses Logicworks to Manage its Cloud Infrastructure
Download a PDF of the Fiduciary Technology Partners case study here. Fiduciary Technology Partners (FidTech) offers a Software-as-a-Service platform that nonprofit foundations and endowments use.
Financial Services
27 Oct, 2017
Case Study: How Status Money Uses AWS to Help Consumers Save Money
Download a PDF of the Status Money Case Study here. Have you ever wondered how your finances compare to those of other people? Do you.
Financial Services
27 Oct, 2017
[NYC Event] 3 Companies Reinventing FinTech
How are top FinTech companies delivering the personalized, innovative digital experiences that customers demand? In this free event, get real-life insight into how growing FinTech.
Financial Services
19 Oct, 2017
eBook: Why 70% of IT Leaders Want to Automate Compliance
Financial services and payment companies face rising compliance costs and a significant skills shortage in compliance. No wonder that IT leaders are eager to automate.
Financial Services
17 Oct, 2017
Why Financial Services Companies Love Docker Containers
Tech-savvy banks were among the first and most enthusiastic supporters of Docker containers. Goldman Sachs invested $95 million in Docker in 2015. Bank of America.
Financial Services
19 Sep, 2017
eBook: PCI-DSS Compliance on AWS
Only 55.4% of companies meet all PCI DSS compliance standards, according to a new report released by Verizon. While this number is up 7% from.