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Cloud Migration
14 Jan, 2020
$3B Investment Bank Builds AWS Landing Zone with Logicworks
Financial services companies have long been at the forefront of cloud adoption. For many companies, the cloud can help them consolidate disparate IT groups and.
Cloud Migration
15 Aug, 2019
Numerix, Leading FinTech Company, Migrates SaaS Platform to AWS
Companies are often defined by how they respond to market changes. Is it reacting to market dynamics, or is it building tools today to address.
Cloud Migration
26 Jun, 2019
How to Accelerate AWS Migration for Financial Services
In financial services, our job is to manage risk. Ideally, every IT system and application should stay exactly the same (since the last time you.
Financial Services
10 Jun, 2019
Startup Leverages AWS to Disrupt Insurance Market
Life insurance purchasing rates are at their lowest in 50 years. The process of purchasing life insurance is notoriously complicated. It requires a lengthy application.
Financial Services
16 Oct, 2018
Bank Seeks AWS Well-Architected Review to Transform Cloud
Every IT project accrues technical debt. Even the best engineering teams sometimes take shortcuts, resulting in waste and complexity. As the end of the year.
Financial Services
5 Sep, 2018
Cardknox Chooses Logicworks to Launch PCI Compliant AWS Cloud
Download a PDF of the Cardknox Case Study here. Chip-enabled card (EMV) payments are now the standard transaction model across the country. Cardknox, a developer-friendly.
Financial Services
26 Jan, 2018
The Next Generation of Machine Learning Tools for Financial Services
“Machine learning is so tantalizing for most every day developers and scientists. Still, there are a lot of constraints for builders….How do we turn machine.
Financial Services
22 Dec, 2017
Case Study: Fiduciary Technology Partners Chooses Logicworks to Manage its Cloud Infrastructure
Download a PDF of the Fiduciary Technology Partners case study here. Fiduciary Technology Partners (FidTech) offers a Software-as-a-Service platform that nonprofit foundations and endowments use.
Financial Services
27 Oct, 2017
Case Study: How Status Money Uses AWS to Help Consumers Save Money
Download a PDF of the Status Money Case Study here. Have you ever wondered how your finances compare to those of other people? Do you.
Financial Services
27 Oct, 2017
[NYC Event] 3 Companies Reinventing FinTech
How are top FinTech companies delivering the personalized, innovative digital experiences that customers demand? In this free event, get real-life insight into how growing FinTech.