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Cloud Refresh

Top 7 Questions to Evaluate If It’s Time to Modernize Your Cloud

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With IT talent becoming increasingly difficult to hire and retain, a continuously evolving threat landscape, and new advanced technologies, it is more critical than ever to streamline your cloud operations and ensure your environment is built with a solid foundation. If your environment was not architected to meet these challenges or your current MSP is struggling to meet your demand, it is likely time to evaluate a Cloud Refresh.

Cloud Refresh

A Cloud Refresh can help your organization gain greater efficiency in your overall operations, as well as improve the stability of your applications. This will allow you to take advantage of AWS & Azure cloud-native tools, features, and advanced automation, and it can give you the agility needed to meet your current demands, as well as respond to future changes.

Once your environment is modernized, you can then look at ways to improve your cloud operations and implement automation. Automation can introduce proactive monitoring to alleviate false negatives from pulling critical resources from revenue-driving activities, as well as prevent security incidents or downtime.  Additionally, automation can allow you to spin up or scale down resources and enable greater control on costs. You can streamline your application deployment and institute established DevOps methodologies. Refreshing your cloud environment and taking a platform-driven approach to your ongoing cloud operations is a powerful combination that can empower your team and drive greater success and revenue. 

Is it Time for a Cloud Refresh?

  1. Does your environment have an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) foundation?  Do you use Terraform, CloudFormation, or ARM templates?
  2. Do you have proper application segmentation to allow for the principle of least privilege?
  3. Do you have proper network segmentation to segregate SDLC tiers with respective firewall rules?
  4. Do you use automated deployment mechanisms, like CI/CD pipelines, configuration management tools, etc.?
  5. Have you updated any End of Life (EOL) operating systems (Windows 2008, < Ubuntu 18.04, etc.)
  6. Are your changes to the environment automated? Operating system configuration updates, application dependency updates, etc.
  7. Has your environment maintained 100% uptime (no outages or disruptions)?


If you answered no to one or more of these questions, it may be time to “refresh” your AWS or Azure cloud environment. If your environment was built years ago, a cloud refresh can enable you to take advantage of newer technologies and modern best practices, which will lead to a better experience for you and your teams.

 Logicworks has designed a Cloud Refresh Program where our AWS & Azure experts can help you architect for long-term success on the cloud. This program also leverages funding to offset the costs to modernize your cloud environment. Speak to a Logicworks AWS or Azure expert today and evaluate your options to streamline your cloud operations.


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