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Meet 5 Innovators Who Are Revolutionizing HealthTech

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The pace of innovation in healthcare technology has never been faster. Today, doctors are using mobile devices to manage chronic diseases. Machine learning algorithms patrol the cloud to protect our most sensitive data. And hospitals use facial recognition to track patient identities.

Last month, Logicworks and Cavirin hosted an intimate event with five healthcare innovators whose organizations are redefining the possibilities of our industry. Through the eyes of these visionary entrepreneurs, we experienced the challenges and successes involved in bringing healthcare products to market and learned what’s in store for the future.

Watch a replay of the panel here:


Shahzad Ahmad – VP of Cloud Operations & Delivery, NextGate

Elizabeth Boudreau – Executive Advisor, Amazon Web Services

Mukul Kumar – CISO, Cavirin

Justin Williams – CEO, Noteworth

Matthew Sharp – CISO, Logicworks


Thank you to Cavirin for hosting the event with us! We plan to have many more healthcare events in Fall 2018, so stay tuned.

Posted on June 6, 2018 in Cloud Compliance, Cloud Security, DevOps

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