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Why Retailers Are Migrating to Azure Cloud: Interview with Adam Burke

Retailers are building more personal, differentiated experiences for customers online and in stores. In order to support these new applications, they need a flexible infrastructure platform and powerful data services — and as a result, are increasingly turning towards Microsoft Azure. Over the past year, the team at Logicworks has seen a surge of interest in…

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Government Cloud on the Rise: NSA, DOJ Move to Amazon Web Services

At the Amazon Public Sector Symposium last week, the NSA announced that it will be moving some of its IT infrastructure to AWS. The NSA follows several other federal agencies, including the Department of Defense and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), in joining the CIA in the Amazon cloud in the last 9 months. “The…

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Oracle RAC and AWS: A Hybrid Cloud Solution

Amazon has developed many services to facilitate the migration of enterprise database systems to the AWS cloud. This includes services that allow for the relatively simple migration of both Oracle licenses and databases into AWS. However, AWS has yet to develop the shared block storage required to run Oracle RAC, a popular clustered database service.…

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3 Key Issues in Managing Hybrid Clouds for Legacy Applications

Hybrid clouds often present a significant challenge to enterprise IT teams. This is not because the technology is inherently difficult, but because the integration between bare metal, private and public environments frequently results in complex, attenuated lines of dependency, partially rebuilt legacy applications, and multiple monitoring interfaces that have the potential to lead to inefficient…

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Your Cloud Needs More than Great Customer Service

When start-ups and enterprises first evaluate cloud providers, they often choose an out of the box solution that fits their immediate needs. Their hosting provider promises great customer service, but they have essentially the same stack as thousands of other customers and still need a large SysOps staff to monitor their infrastructure. This solution may…

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Private vs. Public vs. Hybrid Cloud: Which One to Choose?

Most enterprise IT departments now manage applications across multiple environments in a dizzyingly complex overall IT architecture. They also must constantly reevaluate their unique mix of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud infrastructure to meet new business goals and determine how applications can be migrated to the public cloud in a cost-effective way. This is…

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Red Flag Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration: 3 Red Flags In Legacy Applications

When you migrate a legacy application to the cloud, a thorough audit of your app will reveal a number of elements or procedures that either do not scale well or are not compatible with your new cloud infrastructure. Unfortunately, quick “lift and shift” cloud migration tools do not always solve these issues. Our ultimate goal…

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Private cloud

The New Role for the Private Cloud. It’s Not What You Think.

Private cloud can be used to manage public clouds. Private cloud was popular in the early days of cloud computing when enterprises struggled with security and control issues.  These days, public cloud dominates, as revealed in the recent “State of the Cloud Study” from RightScale. The reasons for the growth of public clouds are pretty…

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The Role of CMPs: Why You Should Care

CMPs can be an important part of your IT strategy. As we deploy more clouds within enterprises, we move quickly to a multi-cloud approach.  Instead of leveraging single cloud architecture, most enterprises now use any number of private and public clouds. You can manage these multi-cloud resources using the native interfaces and consoles offered by…

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Cloud architecture

The Path to Good Cloud Architecture Uses SOA

SOA can make sure Cloud architecture works for your applications. What does SOA bring to cloud computing?  Most of those who design cloud architecture and build cloud-based systems don’t understand the answer to that question.  However, certain patterns are emerging that prove SOA is a best practice to define good cloud architecture…even though it may…

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