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2020 cloud trends

5 Top Cloud Migration Posts of 2020

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It’s been a turbulent year for IT teams everywhere. Many organizations’ cloud migration plans have either stalled or accelerated as companies scrambled to support remote work. 

Here at Logicworks, we’ve seen a surge of interest in everything from SaaS transformation to securing S3 buckets. Here are the top 5 pieces of content for 2020:


#5. Guide to Cloud Management: Staff, Budget, Tools

Coming in at #5 is our ultimate guide to cloud management. This post is great for IT leaders who are looking to build/revamp cloud teams in 2021 or as a resource for convincing executives that you deserve extra budget/headcount for cloud management.

This detailed post estimates the effort and staff requirements for every aspect of cloud management, from billing to agent management.

cloud management
Sample from the Guide to Cloud Management post.


#4. Azure DevOps: A Tool that Lets You Stop Arguing About Tools

It’s easy to get stuck trying to choose the “best” tool, arguing with our fellow engineers about favorites, and constantly tweaking our unique patchwork of tools. 

That’s why Logicworks’ Cloud & DevOps Architect, Kyle Prawel, wrote this popular post about Azure DevOps. He talks about why it’s often smarter to choose an Off-the-Shelf DevOps tool like Azure DevOps rather than getting stuck in choice paralysis, and whether or not you should integrate your existing tools into this pipeline or replace your existing tools. 


#3. What is AWS Control Tower? 

AWS Control Tower was a hot topic in 2020, both on our blog and with our clients. It’s a solution that simplifies the process of setting up and configuring multiple accounts, and as companies get more mature in their cloud adoption — and need to orchestrate cloud management across multiple business units or teams — the need for Control Tower is clear. In this post, we talk about the basics of Control Tower, then dive into technical details on how to launch your first environment.

aws control tower
Source: AWS


#2. Encrypt Existing Amazon S3 Objects with S3 Encryption

There has been a significant rise in S3 bucket misconfigurations over the past few years, and companies are looking for resources to help. Our post on how to encrypt your S3 buckets was the second most popular post on our blog this year. 

For companies that want to protect themselves from misconfiguration issues, S3 Encryption is a great solution, along with Data Loss Prevention products like Logicworks DLP


#1. Migrating Single Tenant Software to the Cloud

Our top post of the year was part of a larger trend for 2020 of traditional software providers offering cloud-based SaaS solutions. Many providers are single tenant (i.e., dedicated resources per customer), and don’t have the time or resources to refactor their software for multi-tenancy. This post was written to help those ISVs still get the benefits of the cloud without major refactoring. 

Separation by Account
Model for Single Tenant SaaS by Account.

This post is not for the faint of heart — it’s a full architecture guide with network diagrams, tools, migration models, and case studies. You can download a PDF version here


That’s it for our top content of 2020 — thank you to all the writers and contributors who make our blog possible, and here’s to a better year ahead. 

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