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Logicworks’ AWS Control Tower Offer Launches in AWS Solutions Library

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We’re proud to announce that Logicworks has launched a new official AWS Solutions Consulting Offer, High Governance Foundation with AWS Control Tower

Developed from years of experience building secure cloud solutions, Logicworks’ consulting offer accelerates the design and build-out of cloud architecture that can scale to support multiple teams, applications, or tenants.  Logicworks can help you to architect a multi-account cloud foundation using AWS Control Tower, which will include networking, central governance tools, and automated configurations to help accelerate your AWS migration project. Read the AWS announcement here

AWS control tower

Logicworks’ High-Governance Foundation with AWS Control Tower consulting offer is ideal for any high-governance workload, and has already been used in dozens of deployments for healthcare, financial services, and SaaS companies. The solution can include setting appropriate account and network baselines, building a secure Amazon Machine Image and CI/CD pipeline, configuring 3rd party security tools and centralized logging, and other governance tasks.

This new solution has been thoroughly vetted by AWS and leverages the latest AWS tools to deliver a complete end-to-end migration and management solution. Want to learn more? Contact us or explore the full offer details


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