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Use Auto Scaling to Support Growth, Resiliency, & Cost Savings

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Auto Scaling has long been a major selling point of cloud computing. But like most popularized technology features, it has accumulated its fair share of misconceptions. These common mistakes tend to get in the way of constructive conversations about cloud architecture. It can also mislead IT leaders into believing that Auto Scaling is simple, quick to set up, and always ensures 100% uptime.


IaaS platforms make Auto Scaling possible, usually in a way that is much more straightforward than scaling up in a datacenter. But if you visit Amazon Web Services (AWS) and spin up an instance, you will quickly discover that public cloud does not “come with” Auto Scaling.


Why Auto Scaling?

  • Scalability. Let your infrastructure grow with your requirements with dynamic load-based scaling, rather than over provisioning to meet peak demand.
  • Self-healing. To improve resiliency, put instances into a fixed-size Auto Scaling Group. If an instance fails, it is automatically replaced. The simplest use case is an Auto Scaling Group has a minimum size of 1 & a max of 1.
  • Cost savings. Whether you’re using Auto Scaling Groups for resiliency or scalability, you’re paying for what you need rather than paying for over-provisioned or redundant capacity.


Setting up your Auto Scaling Process is often easier said than done. Many companies run into challenges when working with spiky applications, Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), configuration management tools, or Windows workloads. We offer a detailed guide on The Art of Auto Scaling to help you learn the latest best practices and avoid common mistakes.  As you evaluate, develop, or refine your auto scaling practices, leveraging an AWS expert can save you hours of research and time better allocated to driving your business objectives.


Over the last decade, Logicworks has been continually refining their Auto-Scaling solutions.  We have deep AWS expertise helping a wide range of companies from startups to large enterprises architect for resilience, security, and growth. Speak to an Logicworks AWS expert to optimize & streamline your cloud operations.

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