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Case Study: Global Security Corporation Migrates to AWS in Just 4 Weeks

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In 2015, one of the largest security software corporations in the world required rapid migration to AWS in order to accommodate a recent M&A of their product line. After an extensive security audit and RFP process, Logicworks was chosen as a key partner to help build this corporation’s AWS environment, implement security tools and monitoring, and manage the environment 24x7x365.

The corporation required scalable, highly available infrastructure that included automation tools to facilitate snapshot and storage processes, enable faster feature upgrades through deployment automation, and proactively ensure that critical data stores maintain security configurations.


  • Applications host critical data for the majority of Fortune 500 enterprises
  • As an integration point for enterprise appliances all over the world, potential threat exposure is extremely high
  • Thousands of instances require central configuration and monitoring to maintain security
  • Strict timeline due to sale of company
  • Multiple distros, including RedHat 6 and 7, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 2008 and 2012


  • Redundant and self-healing architecture using Autoscaling Groups, Multi-AZ RDS instances, Elastic Load Balancing, and deployments via CodeDeploy
  • Infrastructure as code with a modern CI/CD SDLC utilizing a custom AWS CloudFormation template library to configure security groups, IAM roles, network ACLs, route tables, naming conventions, VPC peering
  • A standard Puppet-based bootstrapping procedure and userdata ensures standards are enforced on all instances, and that each instance gets the latest bootstrapping process when it boots
  • Puppet turns on detailed monitoring at deploy time in AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config, installs and configures in-instance metrics, pushes to AWS CloudWatch and Cloudcheckr
  • 24x7x365 Network Operation Center integrates with Alert Logic Security Operations Center


The security corporation has witnessed the operational efficiencies and capabilities of the AWS platform as a whole to power internal DevOps teams. As a result, they will be able to stay within their timeline and budget, reaping the benefits of the rapid deployment systems and automated templatization provided by Logicworks. They were able to migrate their complex applications to AWS in just four weeks, rather than the 2-3 month timeline they had allotted, a sign of the sophisticated tooling AWS provides as well as the experience of the Logicworks team. The corporation has migrated two major application suites to AWS and is in the process of migrating an additional six.

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