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Healthcare SaaS AWS

INSIGHTS : 26 Jun, 2019

MAeHC Migrates Quality Data Center Application to AWS with Logicworks

For many healthcare organizations, analyzing quality performance data is a significant challenge. Government, payer, and internal entities require reports about how the healthcare organization is.


Insurance AWS

INSIGHTS : 10 Jun, 2019

Startup Leverages AWS to Disrupt Insurance Market

Life insurance purchasing rates are at their lowest in 50 years. The process of purchasing life insurance is notoriously complicated. It requires a lengthy application.


hotel chain aws

INSIGHTS : 4 Apr, 2019

Global Hotel Chain Saves $100K+ on their AWS Bill with Logicworks

The hospitality industry is in the midst of a major technology disruption. Hotel chains are exploring data analytics, artificial intelligence, voice-based search, and other tools.


INSIGHTS : 29 Jan, 2019

SaaS Company Achieves GDPR Compliance with Logicworks

Most companies struggled to meet the deadline for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that went into effect in May 2018. In fact, according to the.


AWS Well-Architected

INSIGHTS : 16 Oct, 2018

Financial Services Co. Transforms their Cloud with AWS Well-Architected Review

Every IT project accrues technical debt. Even the best engineering teams sometimes take shortcuts, resulting in waste and complexity. As the end of the year.


INSIGHTS : 5 Sep, 2018

Cardknox Chooses Logicworks to Launch PCI Compliant AWS Cloud

Download a PDF of the Cardknox Case Study here. Chip-enabled card (EMV) payments are now the standard transaction model across the country. Cardknox, a developer-friendly.


INSIGHTS : 12 Jun, 2018

Case Study: How NextGate Launched an EMPI SaaS on AWS with Logicworks

Download a PDF of the NextGate Case Study here. When you go to the emergency room, how do doctors distinguish your name and medical records.


INSIGHTS : 2 May, 2018

Case Study: #1 Genetic Screening Company Migrates HIPAA Compliant Workloads to AWS

Download a PDF of the Counsyl Case Study here. Genetic screening helps countless patients make informed healthcare decisions every year. Yet historically, this critical value.


Media AWS

INSIGHTS : 22 Apr, 2018

Case Study: Concierge.com by Condé Nast Migrates to AWS with Logicworks

From traveling on the road with artists like the Foo Fighters and Christina Aguilera to founding two successful startups that were recently acquired by Condé.


INSIGHTS : 1 Mar, 2018

Case Study: Education SaaS Platform Saves 60% on AWS Cloud with Logicworks

Download a PDF of the LinkIt! Case Study here.  LinkIt! provides real-time data services to educational companies including school districts, publishers, and test-prep organizations. Their.