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Logicworks Launches Cost Management Solution for AWS Customers

CostLogic helps businesses monitor, control, and can reduce AWS spend up to 40 percent

Logicworks, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and a member of the AWS Managed Services Program, announced today the launch of CostLogic, a comprehensive cost management solution that helps customers plan, monitor, and manage their AWS spending and reduce overall costs by up to 40 percent.

With CostLogic, Logicworks performs gap analysis and develops cost strategies that adjust and/or eliminate underutilized instances. This enables customers to reduce waste, improve performance, and more accurately predict future costs. In addition, CostLogic’s analysis recommends the purchase of on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2) Reserved Instances where appropriate, further cutting on-demand costs. Cost tagging simplifies reporting, provides transparency into resource usage, and enables bill backs and return on investments tracking. Lastly, Logicworks automation can match Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) supply with end-user demand, handle scheduled shutdowns to streamline resources, and eliminate waste.

“As a global eCommerce business, PartyLite depends on reliable, secure, cost-efficient infrastructure resources to power our global eCommerce platform,” says Sandra Duphily, Director of Technology, PartyLite. “Logicworks helps make AWS costs more transparent, reduce our usage costs through Reserved Instance planning and Auto Scaling, and makes us confident that we are getting the most out of the cloud.”

Logicworks also brings the advantages of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to customers through integration with Spotinst, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner that provides sophisticated EC2 cluster management using predictive analysis and machine learning capabilities to increase availability and improve resource utilization while keeping overall EC2 costs low. This combination of the Spotinst algorithm and Logicworks’ proprietary automation platform lets companies more reliably use Spot Instances by leveraging a prediction engine that anticipates the failure of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and automatically launches and integrates a new instance based on customer needs.
“Spotinst’s highly developed workload management strategy consistently saves companies 70-80% on AWS EC2 costs and 40% on overall costs, allowing mission critical and production workloads to benefit from the EC2 Spot Market.” said Amiram Shachar, CEO and Founder of Spotinst. “Partnering with Logicworks means our customers can combine the data driven intelligence of Spotinst with fully-managed automation and maintenance, so that even companies that are new to AWS can achieve dramatic cost savings.”

“Implementing a cohesive spend management has become increasingly difficult due to lack of visibility or predictability in the cloud, its dynamic nature, and still-maturing best-practices,” said Jason McKay, CTO and SVP of Logicworks. “CostLogic was designed both to give customers this visibility and drive significant cost savings, freeing up resources to migrate more projects faster and realize greater value from AWS.”

CostLogic is available for Logicworks and AWS customers today. For more information, please contact us.