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Concierge.com by Condé Nast Migrates to AWS

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From traveling on the road with artists like the Foo Fighters and Christina Aguilera to founding two successful startups that were recently acquired by Condé Nast, entrepreneur Eric Murphy sits at the crossroads between technology and experiential marketing. Eric choose Logicworks, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, for cloud computing expertise and DevOps services.

Murphy’s latest startup, concierge.com (formerly Ribyt), is an event management platform that customizes experiences across different types of people. If 5,000 people go to a festival, concierge.com allows the organizers to create one experience for visiting talent or corporate VIPs and something completely different for a contest winner or general admission ticket holder. “Anyone who has used Facebook or Amazon.com has grown accustomed to a very high level of personalization and customized user experience,” says Murphy. “We are bringing that unique microtargeted approach to live events.”

The flexibility of concierge.com’s software is one of its biggest selling points. Onboarding new customers, adding features to the platform, and integrating with third-party tools must be handled quickly and effectively to meet the needs of demanding, time-sensitive clients. By using a DevOps approach to infrastructure management, concierge.com’s development team can release code updates very quickly while maintaining best practices for quality and security.

“We added Capital One as a new client, and found ourselves facing a whole new level of security and data privacy requirements that had to be in place in time for their first event,” explains Murphy. The team at concierge.com turned to Logicworks, a managed services provider with over twenty years of experience building secure and compliant infrastructure for the finance and healthcare software. “As a startup, we have no interest in building an internal team to support infrastructure. Having a one-stop shop with deep expertise in cloud systems and security is invaluable. Now we can do things like launch an entire PCI compliant system in a cost effective and secure way. It would have taken us at least six months to find and train the staff to do this ourselves.” The Capital One project was a success and the acquisition by Condé Nast came six months later. “Logicworks delivers a turn-key AWS management solution with 24×7 support. The level of service is spectacular. We can focus on our product and trust that day-to-day best practices are in the hands of a skilled team.”

Murphy now runs concierge.com and his other startup Pop2Life as Senior Vice President of Experience at Condé Nast.


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