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Therein lies the challenge with measuring DevOps. Much more than a buzzword, DevOps is about a mindset

The Measurable Benefits of DevOps: What to Track, How to Track It

By Jason McKay It is said that what cannot be measured cannot be managed. But how do you measure behavior or mindset? Therein lies the challenge with measuring DevOps. Much more than a buzzword, DevOps is about a mindset – a culture that is made up of processes and practices that bring development and operations…

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4 Common Misconceptions About AWS Auto Scaling

Auto scaling has long been one of the major selling points of cloud computing. But like most popularized technology features, it has accumulated its fair share of misconceptions. These common mistakes tend to get in the way of constructive conversations about cloud architecture, and usually mislead IT leaders into believing auto scaling is simple, quick…

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Getting the "Ops" in DevOps Right: Logicworks on AWS Blog

Getting the “Ops” in DevOps Right: Logicworks on AWS Blog

CTO Jason McKay was featured on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network blog today: Getting the Ops Half of DevOps Right: Automation and Self-Service Infrastructure. In this article, Jason discusses that while most companies are actively adopting DevOps, few have developed mature strategies for dealing with the build-out, delivery, and maintenance of infrastructure. Jason proposes…

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Company Culture is Key to Cloud Success

If you ask any successful company for the key to their success, or ask any employee why they are happy in a position, the answer is almost always “the people”. But what makes happy, productive people is usually fueled by a thriving company culture. Company culture is not built with free lunches, ping pong tables,…

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The Cloud Does Not Just “Work”

Everyone knows that migrating workloads to the cloud is challenging. But many assume that after you get to the cloud, all you have to worry about is maintaining your applications. After all, you have outsourced infrastructure management to AWS, right? No more racking and stacking servers, no more switches and hypervisors. While AWS will maintain the…

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Your Cloud’s #1 Cybersecurity Risk: You

Your engineering team is one of your organization’s greatest assets. But it can also be your greatest liability. As most security experts know, the biggest cybersecurity risk to your business is your own employees. In fact, ninety-five percent (95%) of all security attacks in 2014 involved human error, according to a study by IBM. But…

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IT Turnover: How to Keep Projects On Track in Turbulent Job Market

It is no secret that it is difficult to recruit and retain IT talent. Millennial disloyalty, boredom, stressful workplaces, and the ubiquitous advice that job-switching leads to higher salaries are some of the many reasons employee tenure is reaching all-time lows across multiple industries. Low employee retention in the enterprise always means expense and disruption.…

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How Companies Will Actually Use Docker

  This article originally appeared on VentureBeat: How companies will actually use Docker Enterprises want Docker. It’s on many 2016 roadmaps and has become the tech darling of startups and financial services conglomerates alike, notwithstanding its extreme youth. Despite common perceptions, enterprises don’t need to reach the promised land of a full “DevOps transformation” to start…

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Why Cloud MSPs Are Software Companies

When your infrastructure is code, the art of developing great software applications and building great infrastructure systems start to look similar. Many of the best practices of software development — continuous integration, versioning, integration testing — are now the best practices of systems engineers. In enterprises that have aggressively virtualized datacenters or moved to the…

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Security and Advanced Automation in the Enterprise

Complexity is a huge security risk for the enterprise. While security is always a top priority during the initial build phase of a cloud project, over time security tends to slip. As systems evolve, stacks change, and engineers come and go, it’s very easy to end up with a mash-up of legacy and cloud security…

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