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INSIGHTS : 10 Apr, 2019

What is Multi-Cloud?

by Jessica Cowle What is multi-cloud? Multi-cloud is the use of two or more cloud computing services, including any combination of public, private, and hybrid..


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INSIGHTS : 12 Feb, 2016

Omnichannel Retail, Cloud, and the Problem of Legacy IT

Technology is increasingly driving customer purchasing behaviors, and retailers are tasked with providing customers more IT driven experiences in order to convert: personalized offers, end-to-end.


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INSIGHTS : 29 Jan, 2016

The Unexpected Rise of the (Managed) Datacenter

For the last five years, industry analysts have predicted that cloud will kill the datacenter. So why are colocation revenues continuing to climb at about.


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INSIGHTS : 4 Sep, 2015

How Companies Will Actually Use Docker

  This article originally appeared on VentureBeat: How companies will actually use Docker Enterprises want Docker. It’s on many 2016 roadmaps and has become the.


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INSIGHTS : 1 Jul, 2015

Why Enterprises Need Containers and Docker

At DockerCon 2015 last week, it was very clear that Docker is poised to transform enterprise IT. While it traditionally takes years for a software.


INSIGHTS : 23 Jun, 2015

Why Are 50% of Enterprises Choosing Hybrid Cloud?

Enterprises are shaping the cloud to fit their needs, and the result is overwhelmingly a hybrid of public, private, and on-premises clouds. Today, nineteen percent.


INSIGHTS : 20 May, 2015

Oracle RAC and AWS: A Hybrid Cloud Solution

Amazon has developed many services to facilitate the migration of enterprise database systems to the AWS cloud. This includes services that allow for the relatively.


INSIGHTS : 14 May, 2015

3 Key Issues in Managing Hybrid Clouds for Legacy Applications

Hybrid clouds often present a significant challenge to enterprise IT teams. This is not because the technology is inherently difficult, but because the integration between.


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INSIGHTS : 5 May, 2015

Managing Hybrid Clouds: What Team Do IT Leaders Need?

As most enterprise IT leaders know, transitioning IT staff to a cloud-based service delivery model is often more challenging than transitioning the infrastructure itself. A.


INSIGHTS : 3 Apr, 2015

Why HIPAA Compliant Data Storage Belongs in the Cloud

The vast majority of healthcare organizations are migrating some IT infrastructure to the cloud in 2015. Unfortunately, the risk of bungling the transition has never.