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INSIGHTS : 26 Jun, 2019

How to Accelerate AWS Migration for Financial Services

In financial services, our job is to manage risk. Ideally, every IT system and application should stay exactly the same (since the last time you.


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INSIGHTS : 30 Apr, 2018

4 Reasons Digital Media Agencies Are Migrating to AWS

The rise of digital marketing has completely reshaped media agencies over the last 10 years. Clients expect agencies to be technical experts at delivering content.


Two people sitting at a table looking at a piece of paper with a chart and graphs

INSIGHTS : 23 Feb, 2018

eBook: 5 Steps for Cost-Efficient AWS Cloud Migration

Getting ready to migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud? Companies that are looking to modernize existing business applications often realize the best way to.


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INSIGHTS : 26 Jan, 2018

eBook: The Measurable Benefits of DevOps Automation

Download our eBook: DevOps on the AWS Cloud It is said that what cannot be measured cannot be managed. But how do you measure behavior.


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INSIGHTS : 31 Oct, 2017

eBook: 4 Ways to Migrate from VMware to AWS Cloud

One hundred percent (100%) of the Fortune 500 runs on VMware. Yet as adoption of the AWS cloud grows, many companies are looking to  take.


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INSIGHTS : 19 Oct, 2017

eBook: Why 70% of IT Leaders Want to Automate Compliance

Financial services and payment companies face rising compliance costs and a significant skills shortage in compliance. No wonder that IT leaders are eager to automate.


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INSIGHTS : 20 Sep, 2017

HITRUST vs. HIPAA: Everything You Need to Know

The HITRUST CSF™ is a widely adopted security framework for healthcare companies and has been gaining popularity as a more structured, unified, and comprehensive standard.


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INSIGHTS : 19 Sep, 2017

eBook: PCI-DSS Compliance on AWS

Only 55.4% of companies meet all PCI DSS compliance standards, according to a new report released by Verizon. While this number is up 7% from.


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INSIGHTS : 9 Feb, 2017

How to Achieve HIPAA Compliance on AWS

Healthcare companies that are accustomed to complete control over physical systems often struggle to understand their responsibilities in a cloud environment. Who is responsible for.


INSIGHTS : 12 Apr, 2016

eBook: Continuous Compliance and the Art of AWS Cloud Security Automation

Compliance audits are usually a scramble. Your systems engineers spend weeks pulling together logs and documenting processes, taking time away from important projects and fixing.