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INSIGHTS : 15 Apr, 2015

AWS and Puppet: DevOps Best Practices

While it is possible to deploy a highly available Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment without configuration management tools like Puppet, doing so significantly increases the.


INSIGHTS : 9 Apr, 2015

Logicworks Earns Status as AWS Premier Consulting Partner

Managed Cloud Expertise and Customer Success Moves Logicworks to Top Tier NEW YORK, NY –  Logicworks, a global leader in cloud computing and managed hosting,.


INSIGHTS : 6 Apr, 2015

How to Encrypt Data at Rest in HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting

As more healthcare organizations and software applications move to the cloud, each must discover the right use of resources, networking features, and security protections to.


INSIGHTS : 6 Apr, 2015

Logicworks Achieves AWS Partner Healthcare Competency

NEW YORK, NY –  Logicworks, a global leader in cloud computing and managed hosting, today announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS).


INSIGHTS : 3 Apr, 2015

Why HIPAA Compliant Data Storage Belongs in the Cloud

The vast majority of healthcare organizations are migrating some IT infrastructure to the cloud in 2015. Unfortunately, the risk of bungling the transition has never.


INSIGHTS : 24 Mar, 2015

How to Choose between Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Download our free eBook: Deciding on a Mix of Public and Private Clouds Most enterprise IT departments now manage applications across multiple environments in a.


INSIGHTS : 18 Mar, 2015

3 Steps to Resilient AWS Deployments

This blog post has been updated here. Hardware fails. Versions expire. Storms happen. An ideal infrastructure is fault-tolerant, so even the failure of an entire.


INSIGHTS : 13 Mar, 2015

Cloud Migration: 3 Red Flags In Legacy Applications

When you migrate a legacy application to the cloud, a thorough audit of your app will reveal a number of elements or procedures that either.


INSIGHTS : 11 Mar, 2015

ArchOps vs. DevOps: Foundation and Automation 

Good order is the foundation of all things. – Edmund Burke The benefits of DevOps are widely known: seventy percent (70%) of senior IT leaders.