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INSIGHTS : 3 May, 2016

The Biggest AWS Mistakes to Avoid

Featured in CIO Review Managing AWS environments is complex. After managing 200+ workloads in AWS, CTO Jason McKay talks about the most common mistakes enterprises.


INSIGHTS : 28 Apr, 2016

More Enterprises Running Microsoft Applications on AWS Cloud

Microsoft revenue from Windows Server rose a remarkable forty-six percent (46%) in 2015, even while revenue from on-premises licenses fell two percent (2%). The source.


INSIGHTS : 12 Apr, 2016

eBook: Continuous Compliance and the Art of AWS Cloud Security Automation

Compliance audits are usually a scramble. Your systems engineers spend weeks pulling together logs and documenting processes, taking time away from important projects and fixing.


INSIGHTS : 30 Mar, 2016

AWS Simplifies Cloud Adoption with Database Migration Service

Last week, Amazon Web Services released the Database Migration Service, a tool that allows for the migration of databases to AWS without downtime. Yet again,.


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INSIGHTS : 22 Mar, 2016

Case Study: Global Security Corporation Migrates to AWS in Just 4 Weeks

In 2015, one of the largest security software corporations in the world required rapid migration to AWS in order to accommodate a recent M&A of.


AWS Lambda

INSIGHTS : 16 Mar, 2016

New AWS Services: Certificate Manager, Lambda, DevSecOps

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is continuing its pace of rapid, iterative service improvements in 2016. It has already announced several hundred updates in.


AWS Cloud Retail

INSIGHTS : 9 Mar, 2016

The #1 AWS Cloud Security Tool for Retailers and eCommerce

More money will be spent on cybersecurity in 2016 than ever before. But where will the money be spent? What are CSOs and CTOs most.


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INSIGHTS : 24 Feb, 2016

How Secure is AWS Cloud for Retailers and eCommerce?

In recent years, many retailers and eCommerce giants migrated major projects to Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Nordstrom, instacart, Time Inc., and Ticketmaster. In a.


Man using a computer

INSIGHTS : 12 Feb, 2016

Omnichannel Retail, Cloud, and the Problem of Legacy IT

Technology is increasingly driving customer purchasing behaviors, and retailers are tasked with providing customers more IT driven experiences in order to convert: personalized offers, end-to-end.


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INSIGHTS : 9 Feb, 2016

Incident Response on AWS: Outsourcing Cloud Services

It is 4PM on a Friday before a holiday, right before your team leaves for a long weekend. An engineer on your team suddenly cannot.